Durability: Very durable – class 1

Strength class: D50

Applications: Piquia Tropical hardwood can be used for several applications: interior: e.g. flooring and parquet exterior: e.g. sheetpiling and other hydraulic constructions.

Mass volume: Fresh cut 1100-1200 kg/m3. At 12% moisture level 850-950 kg/m3.

Color: The color of the Piquia Tropical hardwood varies from orange brown to light pinkish red. The sapwood has a lighter color and can be distinguished from the Piquia Tropical hardwood.

Details: The regret is lighter colored than the Piquia Tropical hardwood and is difficult to distinguish. The Piquia Tropical hardwood has a slightly bitter taste, but no noticeable odor.

Grain: The Piquia Tropical hardwood has a light and very fine stripy pattern. The grain is fairly straight with interlocked or irregular grain.

Texture: Piquia Tropical hardwood texture is medium fine to fine.

Drying: Piquia Tropical hardwood dries slowly with some risks of checking but higher risks of deformation.

Hardness: 10000 N Janka

Machining: Despite the high density, Piquia Tropical hardwood is fairly easy to machine. A smooth result can be reached, with the right cutting angle.

Screwing/nailing: Pre-drilling is advised.

Finishing surface: With gluing and finishing, there are less experiences.

Botanical name: Aspidosperma desmanthum

Origin area: Tropical and South America

Other names: Araracanga, kromanti kopi (Surinam)

Remarks: The Piquia Tropical hardwood trees reach up to 20-45 m with a diameter up to 90 cm. The trunks are 15-25 meters long.

Family: Apocynaceae

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